Vintage Holiday Games & Stories


Holidays are for family and this vintage ebook can help your family have a fun, old-fashioned family good time Christmas!


Chapter I
The Gathering.—Christmas Eve.—"Consequences."—"How do you like it?"

Chapter II
Christmas Day.—"Rhymes."—"Cento."—"Genteel Lady."—The Fairy Wood.

Chapter III
"The Rhyming Game."—Orikama, or the White Water-Lily; an Indian Tale.

Chapter IV
"Proverbs."—"Twenty Questions."—The Spectre of Alcantra, or the Conde's Daughters; a Tale of Spain.

Plus 6 more chapters of good old-fashioned family fun!!

This 158 page PDF ebook comes with Master Resell Rights and costs just $1.00!


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