GSolutions eBooks Found and Lost – The Future of Search

Found and Lost – The Future of Search

I built this report in a way that’s easy to digest no matter who you are, no matter where you’re located. This is a one-to-one experience and I’ll be trying to speak to you as an individual.

I will be talking to you, you’ll be listening soaking it all in at your own pace, in your own way, in your own environment. Some parts are going to be rough, and I’ll mumble now and again -don’t worry; you can always rewind and listen again.



The bottom line is that this is personal and is also very real. So what is Found and Lost? Is it the future of search? Are we going to talk about how to stay ahead of Google or Yahoo! or Microsoft?



In part, all these things will be covered. First, before we dig in to the mind expanding pieces – the truly mind expanding pieces of Found and Lost – let’s talk about definitions.

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