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Robinson Crusoe


The classic tale of adventure, danger and excitement!

A Tale of Two Cities


A Tale of Two Cities is a classic novel by Charles Dickens that takes place before and during the French Revolution. 

Little Men


This classic story by Louisa May Alcott is the third in the Little Women series. 

Oliver Twist


Charles Dickens' classic novel about a boy who escapes from a workhouse and meets up with a gang of pickpockets.

David Copperfield


The Personal History, Adventures, Experience and Observation of David Copperfield is a novel by Charles Dickens, first published as a novel in 1850.  Many parts in this novel mirror events in Dickens' own life, and is the closest to an autobiography of all his novels.

Jane Eyre


Caesar & Cleopatra


Belzanor is a typical veteran, tough and wilful; prompt, capable and crafty where brute force will serve; helpless and boyish when it will not:

The Three Musketeers


In which it is proved that, notwithstanding their names' ending in OS and IS, the heroes of the story which we are about to have the honor to relate to our readers have nothing mythological about them.

The Adventures of Pinocchio

Now this delightful family classic can be yours in PDF format!

The adventurous tale of a wooden puppet who comes to life as a real boy.  

Follow the fun and exciting adventures of Pinocchio!

Just $1.00!

Wuthering Heights

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