GSolutions eBooks 3G – How to Make Money with I-Phone Applications

3G – How to Make Money with I-Phone Applications


Discover How To Make Money With I-Phone Applications!

In this report, you will discover:

1) What is an I-Phone application?

This book will explain to you just what an I-Phone application is and how you can use it to make money. It will teach you the concept of building the application and what type of software you can use to create the application, or widget. It will even give you resources on how to get the application.

2) How to sell the I-Phone application

After you have created a successful I-Phone application, you will want to sell it. This book explores the various ways that you can not only sell the applications, but how you can make money giving away the product as well. You will see how easy it is to actually make money in various ways with these very popular applications for the I-Phone.

Private Label Rights Included!

This PDF ebook retails for $17.00 but our price is just $1.00!


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