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The Book of Romance


In the editor's opinion, romances are only fairy tales grown up.

The whole mass of the plot and incident of romance was invented by nobody knows who, nobody knows when, nobody knows where.

Almost every people has the Cinderella story, with all sorts of variations: a boy hero in place of a girl heroine, a beast in place of a fairy godmother, and so on….

The Drawing of the Sword 3
The Questing Beast 9
The Sword Excalibur 14
The Story of Sir Balin 16
How the Round Table began 25
The Passing of Merlin 31
How Morgan Le Fay tried to kill King Arthur 33
What Beaumains asked of the King 38
The Quest of the Holy Graal 64
The Fight for the Queen 102
The Fair Maid of Astolat 113

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