GSolutions eBooks The Complete Field Guide to Relocation

The Complete Field Guide to Relocation


Are you stuck in a rut with somewhere to go, but no idea how to get there?

Is Your Current Place of Residence Far From Your Family, Far From Your Significant Other, Or Far From Better Job Opportunities for Your Given Expertise?

Fact: No one enjoys relocation. The process in itself can be quite unbearable and tedious; however, the rewards for taking the initiative to move can also be great. These rewards could include a completely new, higher paying job with better benefits; or they could include finally uniting or re-uniting with a significant other or family members who live far away.

Okay, So What Will I Learn In The Complete Field Guide to Relocation?

There are four parts total:

The first part covers reasons why you should consider moving; and reasons why you should consider staying. This will help you to clearly determine whether you should or shouldn't move—and to then feel comfortable and confident in whatever decision you make.

The second part of the Field Guide covers the process of moving out, which includes the different ways you can sell your house, employ the services of a move planner, and hire a team to move your valuables to a new city.

The third part of the Field Guide covers the process of preparing to move in. This includes finding and buying a new house, purchasing insurance, and finding storage if necessary. This section alone could save you thousands of dollars in time and money.

Last, the Field Guide explains how to unpack, fix up your new home, and purchase all necessary utilities, including cable TV and high speed Internet.

The Field Guide starts you at the beginning and carefully guides you all the way through the maze of decisions to the end!

This helpful 33 page PDF ebook comes with Private Label Rights!

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