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Colocation Demistified



What is colocation, the basics on colocation, and more! 




What is colocation

When choosing a colocation provider

The Basics On Colocation

Disadvantages of colocation

A Colocation Must

Advantages of colocation

Before you get colocation services

Choosing A Colocation Provider

Choosing Your Colocation Backup

Colocation And Systems Redundancy

Colocation Extras

Colocation Magnified

Colocation Managed And Unmanaged Services

Colocation Myths Exposed

Colocation Pros And Cons

Colocation Security

Costs related to colocation

Dedicated hosting vs colocation hosting

Understanding colocation more

Extra fees in colocation

Is Colocation Right for Your Business

Managed and unmanaged colocation

The Benefits Of Colocation

Tracking Colocation

Two Faces Of Colocation

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