GSolutions eBooks Low-Carb Diet Guide

Low-Carb Diet Guide

Get the Low-Down on Low-Carb Secrets

Inside this research collection, you will:

 Learn about the history of Low Carb Dieting – how it all started

Learn the background or scientific low-down on low—carb dieting in laymen’s terms

Easily distinguish between the two types of carbohydrates and which are good for you

Learn the lingo of the low carb diet world with our list of health terms

Learn about the three basic units the body uses for energy and where carbs fit into the picture

Review the role of insulin and carbs

Read through our overviews of 14 of the Top Low Carb Diet Plans on the market today

Learn the four stages of The Atkins Diet

Learn one of the most important theories of the Carbohydrate Addict’s Diet

Learn about the Hampton’s Diet from a former associate at the Atkins Institute

Quickly grasp the “traffic light” system of the Glycemic Index Diet and scan the Red Light Food list

Learn to “Eat like a caveman” with NeanderThin

Learn about the Eades’ inverted pyramid in their Protein Power plan

Learn The Schwarzbein Principle, a 5-step plan to optimal health

Check out Suzanne Somers’ “Funky Foods” list & her “Seven Easy Steps to Somersizing”

Study the three phases of the famous South Beach Diet

And much, much more…

This 44 page PDF ebook comes with Master Resell Rights.

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