GSolutions eBooks Sunless Tanning Guide

Sunless Tanning Guide

Enjoy A Tan All Year Long!
Sizzle without the Sun!

Inside this research collection, you will:

Learn about the three kinds of invisible ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Uncover more information about the different skin types and how SPF plays a role in skin protection.

Calculate the SPF you need with our easy math formula.

Search through our list of tanning products to see which ones your family might want to try.

Discover which factors need consideration BEFORE you buy.

Check out the ingredients in tanning products to see what you need to have in yours.

Improve your tanning with our tips.

Share them with others and enjoy being safer, happier, protected from the sun and tanned – all at the same time.

Visit our step-by-step “Applying Self-Tanning Product” section and forget about orange hands, stained clothes, running lotions, flaking and more.

Read condensed versions and overviews about other tanning solutions to quickly learn more about them and see if they might be right for you; tanning bronzers, booths, accelerators, pills, lamps, and more.

Print out our Tanning Safety Tips and “First Aid” Tips to keep handy on vacations, in your glove box and with your tanning lotions.

Save money and check out our “Sunless Tanning Product Lines Reviewed” before you head to the store.

Visit our resource section for additional targeted short-term, long-term or supplemental help and information.

And much, much more…

This 38 page PDF ebook comes with Master Resell Rights

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