GSolutions eBooks 99 Ways to Stop Bedwetting

99 Ways to Stop Bedwetting


You'll Know Exactly How To Stop Your Child From Wetting The Bed…Without Drama Or Discipline

It's one of the hardest problems families face and can be very tough on a child's self esteem.

Here is just some of the information you will find inside:

6 signs that you need to look for

How your behavior can affect your child's bedwetting. Are you making it worse?

What to tell your child to make him or her feel better about the situation.

Is it time to go to a doctor?

How to make "bed time" less stressful for your child.

Does your child really have a problem? Or is it normal.

How to make it easier for your child to let you know there was an accident.

10 signs that you need to seek more aggressive treatment.

Why making your child go to bed earlier can actually help him or her stop wetting the bed.

6 steps to making sure your child doesn't get any skin irritations.

The worst thing you can do to try and stop bedwetting.

How to implement "night lifting" to keep your child dry.

3 bladder control exercises for your child.

And Much Much More!

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